More about The One Percent

LOGO-THE-1-PERCENT I wanted to highlight more of the work of The One Percent program. Founded in 2005, it is a unique effort to encourage architects to donate a mere 1% of their annual hours for projects for the public good.  That may not seem like a enough to make a difference, but if every architecture professional committed that much time, it would total 5 million hours a year--or to put it another way--a 2500 person firm working full time all year, every year for the public good.

It is such a good idea, and it is amazing to me that it isn't a part of my profession's DNA.  If lawyers can do it, why wouldn't we?

Right now, the One Percent's website has, at last count, 865 firms nationwide that have made the leap, and pledged more than 280,000 hours of service, and you can find inspiration, rationalization (for the doubters),  as well as a matching service where pro bono clients and  architects can find each other.

If you are an architect, sign up!

If you are a non-profit, or community group, post your project and connect with a expert that can help your organization.  Whether it is an expansion, tenant improvement, fixing an accessibility problem, or to masterplan/visualize the org's ambitions, architects have expertise and ideas that you can harness.

As one of the early adopters of the 1% idea, CAST has been selected as one of fifty  1% Design Advocates nationwide, so in the next couple of months, I'll be putting together some open events to discuss pro bono service.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about pro bono service, please feel free (no pun intended) to contact me: