Saratoga Residence

Saratoga Modern--exterior from backyard

Set in the Saratoga, California suburbs, this house is a complete reboot of a 1969 faux colonial.  We're stripping away the historical pastiche, and focusing the design on nearly seamless indoor/outdoor living.  Wrapping the house is a stone terrace and arcade which defines a new dining space, lounge area and a series of gardens.  It screens the intense solar exposure, and reinforces the horizontal in keeping with the City's very restrictive planning regulations.

The palette of natural materials is pretty rich, but understated, using changes in texture and shadow.  We'll be using a light colored, hard limestone, called Fiore from Maidenstone.  We'll use a split face texture for the arcade columns, hammered tile for the outdoor terrace, and a brushed finish for the interior tile.  The cabinetry and trim will be mostly walnut slab and panels.

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