University Cooperative School Schematic Design

This past weekend was our first public presentation of the schematic design for the University Cooperative School.  We are working with the school to develop an indoor active space as well as music studio in the basement, while taking the opportunity to improve the entry sequence and experience for the 3rd-5th grade classrooms. University Cooporative School Reconfiguring the entry with the new stairs and an eddy space for the kids cubby space helps bring light to the active space below, while a window wall separates the noisier activities of the cubbies and active spaces below from the classrooms. The new entry exposes the admin office to the entry, making it both more public, as well as increasing oversight at the entry.

University Cooporative School The open stairs on the south side of the building will help bring light to the back side of the basement, while a translucent wall on the west side brings in light from the on grade entrance, with a new accessible ramp and stair entry from the south west corner.

UCS PERSPECTIVE SECTIONThe Music room is located in the below grade section to the East, taking advantage of the inherent acoustic dampening of the concrete foundation and lid, while allowing for a light well between the cubbies and south window wall.


A view from the new entry, with the cubby alcove, stairs down, and a pattern of translucent colored circular insets in the concrete slab create a playful musical pattern, alluding to the music studio below, while allowing light to be transferred downstairs.

UCS CLASSROOM FINALA new stage with sliding white board, allows for visual separation between the upper and lower classrooms, while fostering performance as an integral component of the curriculum. A low bank of cabinets gives privacy between the bathrooms, and classroom, maintaining the openness of the space for public gatherings, and providing additional storage.

UCS ACTIVE FINAL The active space, with new beams, eliminates the intermediate columns, increasing the flexibility of the space for larger scale activities.  New rubberized flooring and gymnasium wall pads create a safe environment for physical activities.

UCS MUSIC ROOM FINAL The music room with dedicated storage for instruments, and acoustic isolation from the classrooms, allows for music to continue to play a central roll in the school, while minimizing the disruption to the classrooms.