Phinney Home Fair Follow-up

Good turnout for the Phinney Ridge Home Fair.  I spoke to a few friends who had exhibited and the consensus was that the outlook for 2010 was pretty good.  Their anecdotes reinforced my feeling that we'll see a bounce in work and the industry will get back on track (although not the bubble-hot track we'd been on).  Since architects are the canaries in the construction coal mine, it was great to hear other design professionals seeing the uptick in new projects that we have been seeing. Also, I wanted to hit one point I missed in my presentation about How to Work with an Architect - taking the first step:

As part of the interview process, get the architects that you are interested in out to your house, your site.  It is critical to get their impression of your project, and plus in talking through the project on site you'll get a window in to how they process information, how they work, communicate and if they have good ideas right off the bat.

We offer the first consultation free of charge, of course, because it is also critical for us to get an understanding of the project, the challenges, and get to know you as a client.

If you have additional questions about things I said in the presentation, or topics I didn't have time to cover, please email me at and I'll be happy to address them!