Another park proposal: Parkour Park to fill in some of the urban voids left by the recession

In collaboration with Parkour Visions, we put together a proposal to turn a site at 19th and Madison (currently an empty lot, that ironically Kevin in our office designed a 4 unit complex for at a prior firm before the economy tanked) into a Parkour Park.  Parkour Visions, in addition to being a gym (and one of our building's tenants), does training, classes, and preaches the Parkour gospel to the masses.  If you aren't familiar with Parkour, check this out: video clip 1:

video clip 2:

The proposal (found here), is for a Seattle Design Commission competiton called "Holding Pattern" to create temporary uses for vacant land spread throughout  the city, with the goal to activate these urban spaces.  We'll find out next week if the ParkOurPark is going to get the green light!