Current Events

We're busy, and that is news in an of itself.  Not that we haven't been keeping busy over the last year and half since the big crash, but given the abysmal state of the construction industry as a whole, we're happy to report that anecdotally there seems to be more activity out there (knock on wood). More housing starts, sales, news in the Daily Journal of Commerce about other firms hiring, and some of those holes in the ground out there starting to see renewed activity. So what have we been working on?

First, check out the latest schemes for the Sunset Substation pocket park in Ballard.  We've made a hybrid scheme out of the three prior options, increased the potential of the solar array, and reworked the parkscape with a more sculptural land forms and a sinuous path from corner to corner:

sunset substation

We've also been working on a great remodel/addition in Laurelhurst, opening up a classic midcentury modern house. There is a timber bamboo grove and small park to the north, creating an intimate feeling for the new kitchen and dining room despite the expanse of glass:

laurelhurst midcentury renovation

And we're making some progress on the Mitate House. I'm excited that as the design has been refined, we're getting more elegant volumes, a clean functional plan and expanding the opportunities for interaction with the landscape.  I'll be posting more shortly on this one--we're getting the renderings ready for the builder's pre-sale marketing and will highlight the sustainable construction aspects:

Mitate House-3 views of a NW contemporary house

Plus we're working on a live/work in Fremont, renovations in Ballard, Sand Point, Montlake, Capital Hill, a restaurant, 2 backyard cottages, to name a few, and I'll feature some more projects this month.