Mitate House-a collaboration with Bennett Custom Homes: the Cascabel

OPT-2-2-rendering-exterior-1 We're working in concert with Bennett Custom Homes to design a series of houses which depart from the spec craftsman template that we see in current developments, heavily influenced by Asian design and courtyard houses. The Mitate House Collection is punctuated by gardens: the 'tsuboniwa' or pocket garden, a salad garden off the kitchen/outdoor cooking space, a four season porch, surround gardens that invigorate the side yards, and a water feature.  While we're designing for a more constricted and generic site, we imagine that the design will take more advantage of the specific site once we have one.

Each design will be loaded with green building features, have an enlarged 'shoebox' entry with space, loft, a carport that doubles as an outdoor room, and a covered spa area with outdoor shower.

We've come up with three alternative designs which will help Bennett bring some exciting ideas to the spec marketplace, and give people a new perspective about what is possible in a spec housing.

Here is the first of three designs:  the Cascabel


The house is a dialogue between solid and void spaces, where the house elements have been pulled apart to create gardens, covered outdoor spaces, habitable roof gardens and some dramatic interior spaces:


For more information and plans, jump below the fold:

First floor:

OPT-2-KO-PLAN-FLOOR-1Second floor: