Seattle Land Use Code

Stong support for more Backyard Cottages

Wow, strong support for all of the changes to the DADU / backyard cottage code!

Last night, CM Mike O'Brien and Nick Walsh from the city planning office had an open house to take the temperature of the community with regards to a series of incremental revisions to the DADU code.  Some of the proposed changes on the table, plus results from the straw poll as of the beginning of the meeting: 

25 for/ 9 against eliminating the owner occupancy requirement

23 for /6 against allowing a DADU and an ADU on the same lot (and possibly change the number of unrelated persons allowed to live on an Single Family lot.  

14 for / 5 against /13 maybes for Increasing the Rear Yard Coverage allowed

28 for/4 against eliminating the parking requirement

I didn't get the tallies for the height limit increase and other development standard improvments but they were also supported by a plurality.  

The reception was generally positive and civil, and more importantly according to the straw vote for the various measured, there was overwhelming support for all of the provisions.  

Next open house is 6 pm, February 3rd at the Wallingford Community Center. 

Multi-family code passes 9-0

A triumph for the 'Seattle Way'--years of contentious hearings, studies, tweaks resolve into ultimately a unanimous decision.  There is a certain super-tanker inertia about the city process that eventually prevails but it does it take a quite a while to steer the ship of state toward higher goals. Big thanks to Councilmember Sally Clark, the DPD staff, and CORA supermen:  Brandon Nicholson, Bradley Khouri, and David Neiman.

New Multi-family code: vote on Monday?

L3-max-front-NE-2The new Multifamily Code is scheduled to come up for a vote before Council on Monday.  After years of process, hearings, and work shaping the outcomes, the new code will have some new attributes geared toward more flexibility in heights, parking, setbacks, and density.  It disincentivizes the '6 pack' townhomes everyone dislikes and gives out bonuses for green building, designs that hid parking and give a better streetscape.

For those of us who participated in the sausage-making legislative process over the years, it is great to see that it will finally come up for a vote.  If you want to see the vote, and who wouldn't, it will be at City Hall at 2pm Monday.