Mitate House: A collaboration with Bennett Custom Homes--the Sorrel

OPT-3-2-rendering-exterior-1-REDO The last in our Mitate House Collection for Bennett Custom Homes is the Sorrel.

Again, the heart of the design is a courtyard garden, which is bounded on one side by the open kitchen/dining/living room and the guest suite on the other. Large doors open each space to the garden.  Privacy is critical in most developments and by making the garden central, we are creating a private interior landscape, daylighting, and ventilation without compromising to shield the neighbors eyes.



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One the key elements to this design is that the pathway from entry to living spaces shifts, bridging across the garden, to create a emotional transition point from the outside world to the interior of the house, similar to the stone bridges you often see in Japanese gardens:


First floor:

OPT-3-TH-PLAN-floor-1Second floor: